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VD5From ninedigitninja, TalesFromRetail

My husband works in a shop which is part of an international chain of convenience stores.

They got an email from head office this morning saying that because it's Valentine's Day they have to say "I love you," to every customer...

I worked in retail for years and I have never heard of anything quite so ridiculous, not to mention creepy!

Neither my husband or his supervisor are going to go through with it because they are of a similar opinion.

I really don't know what made head office think saying "I love you," to customers is a good idea! Harassment complaints galore!

Has anyone else been instructed to do something like this for Valentine's?





I would say to every customer: "Head Office Loves You!"

Stepford Snarker

Anyone else reminded of that scene from Idiocracy? "Welcome to Costco. I love you."

Misty Meanor

Thankfully, this has never happened to me, but I can imagine the fallout.


I'd probably be taken back. If I remember the day, I'd write it off as being some stupid stunt they had to pull. If I didn't, I'd ignore it.

Datapath, at least be honest and say "Head Office loves your money!"


LOL Lightning! You are so right!


Sure, boss. Should I offer them a back rub or reach around at the same time? :P

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