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VD3From jyush_crispo, TalesFromRetail

Didn't happen to me, but happened to my manager sometime around last Valentine's Day.

For Valentine's Day, along with candy, plush toys, a role playing board game, we got these small little glass hearts. As a register add-on, my manager placed the hearts there in a small dish, with a sign that had large bold lettering saying "GLASS HEARTS - $1.99"

My manager was at the till doing some paperwork when this lady walked up, browsing the items at our registers. This lady stares at the dish of glass hearts for a good minute or two, then picks one up and pops it in her mouth!

(Now I can see how these could be mistaken for cinnamon hearts, but these glass hearts were still quite a bit bigger than your typical cinnamon heart, plus... well, we thought the sign was big enough.)

My manager told me she had no idea what to say, she stared at this lady dumbfounded as the lady moves it around her mouth. Realization seemed to dawn on this lady within a couple seconds, as she started going "Oh?! OH!!" ...and then she spat it out right back into the dish. She bolted from the store without another word to my manager.

My manager gave my coworker the duty of sanitizing each of these glass hearts, and they have remained in one of our locked glass cabinets ever since.





Eating one that doesn't say free take one is also stealing it, Too bad she didn't break a tooth.


Serves the greedy idiot right, theft is exactly that.

Now I have Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree in my head.


I think the 2 main mistakes made were assuming honesty and literacy

Misty Meanor

She tried to EAT them? Holy shit, I'm surprised she didn't cut her mouth.

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