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Woot! That was seriously a cool thing to do, so many wouldn't have bothered!☺

Misty Meanor

I am so glad that this had a happy ending! Granted, she should've signed out of Google Docs, but people make mistakes. These three kids, however, got what they deserved. They had no right to be doing things like that. And the girl is ungrounded and gets her phone back, so everything's well!


Well, hopefully this'll teach the girl to always make sure to sign out of things when on a public computer. Though I wonder, if she is grounded, why was she in the library? Sneaked out or did mom just not mean grounded in the sense of don't put a toe outside of our property.


"Though I wonder, if she is grounded, why was she in the library?"

I was assuming this was the school library.


I was under the impression that the grounding happened because of the comments the 3 douchekateers put in her school paper, and had that not happened there would have been no grounding

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