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Bad Service 2From robertr4836, TalesFromTheCustomer

Those last two stories reminded me of the time I got into a spit-flying shouting match with the manager of a car insurance place. Seems I was 3 days short of a grandfather clause that would make my insurance drop from $2K/yer to $500/yr.

Instead of pro-rating the three days at $2K and the balance at $500, they felt I should just pay the $2K up front and then NEXT year I can go down to $500.

That wasn't even what the argument was about, it's just what started it.

All I wanted to do was to close my account...I figured I could go without a car for three days and just sign up with a new agency at the $500 rate, but Mr. Manager was red in the face screaming that he wasn't going to close the account.

Suddenly peace settled over me and I stopped arguing... took him a minute to notice then he screams, "What are you so happy about!?"

Me: (Holds out bill) "You ARE going to cancel my insurance." (big smile).

Mgr: "NO I'M NOT!"

Me: "You see this bill (shakes bill)? I'm not going to pay it."

Mgr: (not looking too happy.)

Me: "And in a few weeks I will get a second bill warning me that if I do not pay by X day, my policy will be cancelled. And you know what? I'm not going to pay that bill either. So sooner or later, one way or ARE going to cancel my policy."

Suddenly Mr. Manager remembered how to cancel a policy.




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