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BAD SERVICE 1From Spoontasic, TalesFromTheCustomer

I go up to the drop off window at the in-store pharmacy. There is a lady there working that I don't immediately recognize. I don't know if it was something about me that set her off, but her first words were a sharp "And what do you want?" I guess I was a little taken back by the tone, (which was very condescending for whatever reason) cause my brain farted and I stood silently for a little too long. "Hello! What. Do. You. Want?"

I gave her her my name and the type of meds I was there to get. Maybe I should have said something to somebody, but I had never seen her before so just I just assumed she was having a rough time as a new person. I am not offended enough to bother.

Now a month later I go to get meds, except with my daughter this time. She is getting around to preschool age. Anyways we go up to the drop off window and guess who is there? "What do you want?" Okay. This is just how you are then. Whatever. I rattle off my request, which is for birth control. She just kind of gives my daughter (who is admittingly jabbering about the ice cream she has been promised in return for a good trip to store a little above what the level I would like, but hey she totally thinks I will forget unless she keeps talking about it.) and I this judging glance and says "Yeah that is probably a good idea."

I started losing it right there. I didn't even mean to... I just couldn't help myself. Big ugly freaking crying.

Some things that might need to be known for this story: I look younger than I am. Totally used to people seeing my daughter and I together and either assuming we are sisters or jumping to the judging oh you had a baby way too young thing. It happens. I am good humored about it when it does.

Jason oops...but recently my husband and I were trying for another, some issues occurred and we lost the baby. It was suggested that we do the birth control and give myself some time to recover physically and mentally. Its been rough on both of us.

So here I am on the sales floor doing my crying while this woman at least looks mortified. Management has to come over. I am not making a major scene (I mean I am upset, but I am not screaming or yelling) or anything but it is obvious that I just have been bawling my eyes out this whole time.

Management tried to be really nice, but honestly all I wanted to do was leave and hide. At this point my distress has caused my daughter to start crying. So now on top of emotional and embarrassed, I am getting worked up that I've upset her as well. I flee with the promise of sending the husband back for the stuff when it is filled.

Husband went and came back with gift cards. Still haven't used them. I get that the manager felt awful and wanted to make up for it, but it wasn't the store's fault. Hell, even though the worker was rude I highly doubt she suspected she would set me off like that.

I went back to going there for my medication today. The employee is no longer there.





I am so very sorry for your loss.

And you are far too kind to this "lady".

Even without knowing your personal tragedy it was a hell of a nasty, rude & disgusting thing to say!

Again, I wish you all the best!


She is in a job that not only makes her deal with customers, but customers that are sick, in pain, have maybe received devastating news, or are otherwise in a vulnerable state of mind. If she can't handle the job, then by all means they should remove her or reassign her. Don't feel bad in anyway. It was her actions that caused her to no longer be there, and I highly doubt you were the only customer that had issues with her. you might have been the first to make her realize how she was coming off to customers.


I'm so sorry
Also, she had no right judging you or making ANY kind of comment, you would have been well within your rights to make a formal complaint about her. You did nothing wrong at all


"And what do you want?"
Someone. Else. NOW.

"Yeah that is probably a good idea."
Yeah, well, unfortunately they can't just rip out the uterus if someone is displaying a horrible personality; right, lady?

"this woman at least looks mortified."
Well, at least she has SOME form of conscience in her miserable existence.


Personally, I disagree with your comment that it wasn't the store's fault. It really was. They had a rude worker that had been allowed to be rude to customers for at least a month without correcting her behavior.

"Hello! What. Do. You. Want?"

Gotta agree with Lightning on this: "For someone else to help me." Especially the second time.

"Yeah that is probably a good idea."

"Call your manager. Right now. If you do not do so, immediately, I'm going to start screaming at the top of my lungs until one shows up anyway, and then you'll have *two* complaints against you." Seriously. Never, ever let that kind of abusive behavior pass without letting the manager know.

And I have to agree with SS, too. Bad employees, especially *that* bad, are always management's fault for incompetent hiring practices.

Unfortunately, people seldom complain on the spot, and it often takes the manager a long while to figure it out.

Trust me, a good manager *wants* to know. And if they don't thank you, then you know this is a place to avoid.

Misty Meanor

Sounds like the person behind the counter needs to get the stick out of their ass NOW!

Tech Support Survivor

I am amazed at how hard it is for people to display common courtesy. Then I remember that saying. Common courtesy isn't so common any more.

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