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A little background, I work in retail, and as a result I strive to be a perfect customer: I am always pleasant (even if it's fake), I am extremely easy to deal with, and down to earth. (The woman who catered my wedding was thrilled to be working with a chill non-bridezilla.) So keep this in mind when picturing this interaction.

My wife and I went to big-name-jewelry-store to get our respective wedding and engagement bands soldered together. Now, there is a significant price difference in the value of our wedding sets. When we got engaged, she could afford to buy me a sterling silver wedding set. It has my favorite stones in it, and I truly prefer silver. I love it.

Now, I saved my tax refund before I knew her, and could afford to spend roughly six times that amount on her ring set. Custom made, 14k white gold, AAA pink sapphires. The ring is a huge rose with a pink sapphire nestled in it, with vines curled around it and smaller stones in tiny buds. It's truly breathtaking. Anyway.

Throughout the entire interaction, the woman doing our paperwork makes multiple references to the price disparity. "What did you do to deserve sterling silver? You really got the short end of the stick." Etc.

I find myself defending my wedding set at least four times.

Whenever I said anything in response, she replied with, "It's just a joke!!!"

It was so frustrating. We are both so sweet and pleasant, and she was so incredibly rude. Today, I finally gathered up the balls to send an e-mail to corporate. It's been almost a week and it's still bothering me, because there was no need for the inappropriate comments. After our visible discomfort, she should have shut her mouth. We'll see if corporate responds with more than a form letter.

I don't want anything other than a sincere apology. The situation was uncalled for and we are both still uncomfortable thinking about it. I would never speak to a customer in that manner. Rant over.





Your wedding set sounds gorgeous - sapphires are so beautiful!

Such commentary on your jewelry is inappropriate and uncalled-for. She has no idea why one set is silver and the other gold - could be financial, sentimental, personal, or allergic reasons - and it's none of her business. I can see someone letting such dismissive and judgemental words slip out once - once! - but after being called on it, she should have zipped her lip.

And as you know, it's not the price that counts; it's the heart behind it. When my fiance proposed, he knew I'd rather pick out my own ring, but he didn't want to propose 'empty-handed', so he made me a ring. As we are both artists, and we have a kind of inside joke about coins between us, he made this 'engagement proposal ring' out of...a nickel. Just a simple solid band that he'd fashioned out of a small coin. I knew he was going to propose, but I cried with joy when I saw that ring.

I wore that ring day in and day out for several months until I picked out my gold-and-diamond permanent engagement ring. Now the first engagement ring is tucked away safely in my jewelry box. But you better believe that mottled band is worth far, far more to me than nearly anything else in that box. And anyone who laughs at my five cent engagement ring is disrespecting the entire relationship it stands for.


Correcting my hastily-typed errors:
*wedding set/s/ sound gorgeous - /and/ sapphires are beautiful.

Misty Meanor

I really hope that clerk gets disciplined.


"It's just a joke!!!"
You're really a total bag of shit disguised as a human... It's just a joke! GAWD, why are you getting so angry?!

The rings do sound wonderful. Though, I admit, whenever I hear 'sapphire' I think dark blue. Though I have seen pink sapphires and they are sweet.

Tech Support Survivor

The only comment that should be made is "That's lovely".

That clerk should definitely get a good talking too.


I agree with TSS. That's one of the most important events of your life, and those rings are a symbol of it. You shouldn't have to defend it, and the clerk had no right to utter one single comment about it.
And congratulations on your wedding, may it be everything you dreamed it would

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