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From Tastefully Offensive:

Debra Anderson, a cheerful Canadian mail carrier from Hamilton, Ontario, shared this amusing video of the angry guard cat who tries to attack her every time she delivers mail to his home. Watch another one of Debra's encounters with her cat nemesis, below.

"Every day I encounter this attack cat. It is the highlight of my route and I love him! Scarier than any dog yet. Pretty sure he would rip my face off if the glass window didn't keep him in."

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I don't know, that cat didn't look angry to me. Looked more like he just wanted to say 'hello, here I am'.


That's what I thought too, that cat looks more playful than homicidal. His back isn't ever arched and his tail isn't puffed out. I think the cat just has very strange ways of showing his affection.


Yeah, I think he's lonely, and she doesn't know a lot about cats. But seems to like him.

Tech Support Survivor

I don't know. I did see a pouffed out and thrashing tail at the end of the second clip. Too bad I can't tell if that's a meow, or a hiss when he opens his mouth.

Either way kitty does seem to be full of energy.

That being said s/he was damned determined to make it through the window.


I'm with you, TSS, that was pouf-tail if ever I saw it and the eyes were very manic. Last time I saw a look like that my cat was trying to disembowel my hand.

Tech Support Survivor

There is a reason I have a wand toy with feathers on it. Lets her get out her energy and aggression. So she can be a pleasant cat for the rest of the time.

It's also possible there is something about that mail carrier that sets kitty off. My old girl (my avatar pic) hated my mom, and one of my friends. She would turn to them and just hiss. Good thing she didn't attack, just let mom know I don't like you.


I had a wand toy with feathers on it briefly. Tora loved it. Then I had a stick and a room covered in feather bits... :P

Tech Support Survivor

Haha. Ashes was like that with all her toys. Smudge is not as destructive with hers.

Of course Smudge is a soccer player, she's happy with an old pair of socks. Now Ashes, she loved homemade 'nip mice. Of course the tiny scrap of sealskin fur for a tail didn't hurt. She would bite into it and try to rip it open.

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