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From occipital_spatula, Tales From Retail:

Some people yesterday bought a cartful of groceries, including meat and a cake, both pretty expensive. Her total was $54

Lady: $54??? What the hell did I buy???

The cashier (I was bagging) reminded them of the meat and the cake, but she insisted something was wrong. He went through every item and told her what it was and the price of each item, and added it up with a calculator as he went.

She just shook her head.

Lady: I wanna see the receipt 'cause there is no way in hell this stuff is 54 dollars. This is why I don't shop here, you guys are crooked.

She paid with her food card and there was still a dollar and a few cents leftover.

Lady: And what the hell is this?? Everything should have come off, what didn't it cover?!

Cashier: The birthday candles.

Lady: Those should be a dollar, right??

Daughter: The sign said 99 cents.

Cashier: It's sales tax...

Daughter: But they're 99 cents.

Lady: Not here they're not.

They finished paying (meaning she threw two dollars and a nickel at the cashier and told him to keep the change) and left. You heard it here, folks, we are the only store ever to have a sales tax! We are the sole backbone of this country!





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