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From Lex_Ambr, Tales From Retail:

I'm on the checkout and this lady comes onto my till. I scan, bag her items, She pays and I give her shopping.

C: You know, I've been coming here for a long time and I don't feel appreciated.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry, what makes you think that?

C: Well, I've shopped here and given you so much money and business that I don't get anything in return.

Me: Do you have membersh...

C: (Interrupts) You should give me some lottery tickets and scratchers.

Me: Madam, I can't do that.

C: Come on, It's the least you can do for me for not going to the other stores.

Me: Sorry, we can't give away free lottery tickets, we don't own Lotto and it would be breaking our licence with them.

C: Not even ONE scratch card?

Me: No, you'll need to pay for them.


me: Sorry. Shaking my head at her

C: Fine, I'll go do my shopping else where, thanks for nothing.

Me: Right, take care then.

She came back the next day for some milk. I smiled and said "Hello, again" to her. She didn't say anything and walked away. Lel.






"Not even ONE scratch card?"

"That would be illegal. Are you demanding I commit a crime?"


"Indeed, but you haven't bought a *lottery* *ticket*."

"Fine, I'll go do my shopping else where, thanks for nothing."

"You'll find they won't break the law for you, either. Have a nice day."

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