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Crazy ladiesFrom NovaPride

Here's a lovely little experience I had with an infamous customer

The HellMart I work at is a bit notorious for attracting a slew of strange customers , mainly because we're apparently so convenient and friendly. But one customer has always stood out to us. She's known as the Pepsi Lady.

She's an agoraphobic, older woman,who's notorious for always asking to buy all the Pepsi Max in the store, getting control of the electronic wheelchair for hours at a time, and for always latching herself onto a male co-worker when she arrives, and making him her personal shopper.

My first official experience with her was a bit.... dramatic.

She pulled up to my register just as I was about to shut it down to run to my locker to grab something. I politely let her know that I was closed and she flipped back in her chair, begging me to check her out because she didn't want to go to another lane. I relented and opened up my lane to assist her. She handed me her reusable bags full of food,and told me she had price matches. I emptied her bags ,sorted everything out and matched everything. She told me she wanted some certain type of cheese on discount, and asked if someone could get it for her.

When I mentioned that all the free associates were busy,she tilted her head back yelling,"HELP!!!!!!!"

I panicked a little, as this was during rush hour on a weekday, and offered to retrieve the cheese for her. I got her the cheese, and she mentioned she wants more, but she doesn't want me to get it. She proceeds to get out of her wheelchair, disconnect her oxygen ,and waddle in the general direction of the cheese.

She didn't get back to my register for at least 10 minutes, and came back with cheese, and some BBQ sauce, as she had apparently completely an almost full circuit of the store to get back to my till.

During all of this I had a line building up,and I couldn't suspend her transaction, because I couldn't find my manager. She finally got back to my register, paid, and left, but not with pulling me into a very uncomfortable, very unwanted hug.

I finished with my line, apologized profusely to my customers, and went to my locker to get an aspirin.

Come to find out, this customer used to haunt my roommate's HellMart for a while, until she discovered they don't sell Pepsi Max.





"begging me to check her out because she didn't want to go to another lane."
You can't always get what you want~

And then three, fully-armed police men teleported to this lady's side and pointing their guns in every possible direction.

"pulling me into a very uncomfortable, very unwanted hug."
BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH! *pushes her away*
What is WRONG with people that they think just touching some stranger is okay!?

Misty Meanor

My sympathies.

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