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Ditto. Unless your plans of travelling are to grab last minute flights of "I don't care WHERE I go" type... and now I have to think of the Simpsons episode where the Simpsons did that and went to Japan.

McHell Manager

Lightning/"Customer service asshole who will never see this", because people never have emergencies or have work tell them "be on the next available flight out of here"

People get flights out all the time that are an hour, two hours out. Things happen. And while yes, the person who is complaining is whiny, there is no reason to bitch at them because extraordinary circumstances caused them to get a late ticket.


Well, I would not call it "piss poor planning" because everything might happen that causes you to take a plane-- but I don't get her
"Your website was down so poor me had to PHONE, what an inconvenience!"- attitude.
Yes, custy, you live in a time and age where you can immediately get a flight simply by calling someone. Isn’t that wonderful? Why not be THANKFUL?
Next time don't wait an hour for the website when you just can call someone!
Why not "Hooray, customer service saved the day because we were able to get a flight even though the website was down!"
You got the flight, stop complaining-.-

Kai Lowell

Exactly, ThiefOfTime. If it were a genuine emergency, you'd think they'd be grateful to get the bloody flight.


McHell, I never understood the concept of "family emergency, grab the next flight, PRONTO"... mostly because my mother's family is located in America. And, being in Germany, you CAN'T get onto an international flight, unless you are there two hours or longer than the flight departs. Which makes the whole "next flight" thing kind of an impossibility.

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