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Dumbass 4From mikadosok, Livejournal

Ok, here is a fun game we do at the shelter, to keep our sanity, when it seems the people coming in are bound and determined to make us lose it

You have been thrown out of your apartment, you don't have a job, nearest family member is a few states away, you can't take care of yourself, let alone your pit bull (and the cops have also told you said pit bull CANNOT be in city limits, due to city laws) do you

1. Call around to friends (if any) to see if any of them can help with the dog

2. Call your vet (if any) and see if they can help


3. Call the local humane society and try to argue them into 'boarding' the dog for however many weeks, refuse to consider paying at all, and scream if they say 'after xx days the dog is ours, and to get him/her back, you'll have to pay the adoption fee.


You are looking at kittens, and you see another room. Looking through the glass, you see a couple of kittens, so you try to go in, the door is locked, there is a sign on the door stating 'Ringworm, Very contagious, STAY OUT' do you:

1. sigh, shrug, perhaps ask when those kittens might be available

2. ask about going in, but accept that we are not allowing people in, perhaps ask when those kittens will be available (perhaps even ask about ringworm)


3. Scream, yell, try to break the door down, insist, loudly upon being allowed into that room, despite warnings that ringworm IS contagious, refuse, equally loudly to signing a waiver that states you insisted on being let into a room with a zoonotic disease, threaten to sue us if you can't see the kittens, (and then threaten to sue should we let you in,and you, or your kids DO get ringworm.)


WolfshopperaIf you answered yes to number three, we don't like you and would prefer you went to any other humane society....preferably in another state....or country.

If you answered any other way, those kittens should be available in a couple of weeks, the ringworm is clearing up nicely....and we have the CUTEST possible Maine Coone kitten about ready for fixing too.

To answer other questions, yes the rabbit IS for adoption, no I don't know if it is a boy or girl (and don't really care)yes, it is gentle, no, I don't know how it will act outside a cage. Yes, that IS a siamese, no she is NOT a cuddles, she is aloof, but has never hurt anyone, but I do NOT suggest just reaching in and grabbing the poor girl.

OH....and yes many, if not nearly all the cats will 'reach out and try to touch' Many will use claws to do so. We cannot stop this, and most of the time, they only do this while inside the cage. If you don't want them to do so....stay out of claw and paw range. (and tell your kids the same)

and a quick edit on number one....bossman was more than willing to work with this lady. He offered to board the dog for even just ten bucks a week, lady just would not work with him and kept insisting it was OUR DUTY to keep her dog for free. (and yes, make sure he had vet care, vaccinations, and for all I know, champagne and caviar)





As someone who's family is currently trying to adopt 2 dogs from a local shelter, it's people that answer 3 to the above questions that make it difficult and time consuming to take a pet home. Our family has several pets that we take good care of and have a lot of open space for more animals, but the shelter has to weed out people who have no business owning animals (yet alone reproducing) so that we can give animals a loving home.

Thank you mikadosok for helping animals who can't help themselves, I could never work at a shelter because I would be arrested for treating some humans like they treated some of their pets.

Kai Lowell

I personally love it when a shelter kitty reaches out and pokes me. I've found some of my best cats that way.

Agreed that these jerks make it extremely difficult for someone who can actually take care of a pet to get one. Our local shelter has kept putting more and more restrictions on pets in the almost seven years we've been here (first they raised prices, then they raised them again, then you had to be 18 to adopt, then 21, and meanwhile the quality of the pets in the shelter just kept tanking and tanking and tanking*...) just because of idiots like that.

* I gave up on them when my tortoiseshell kitten, who they swore was a senior cat, thoroughly vetted, guaranteed flea-free and healthy as a horse, promptly proceeded to have the WORST flea infestation I've EVER seen when I brought her home (it nearly killed my special needs cat, that's how bad it was, and took four months and some fairly extreme (but vet approved) doses of medications to eradicate), turned out to be only six months old at the time of adoption, and had such severe neurological problems by two years of age I had to have her put down. She was a wonderful cat, and honestly I'm glad I got her because I know 99% of people would have just booted her right back to the shelter when her brain started going haywire, but...jesus, shelter.


"If you answered yes to number three, we don't like you and would prefer you went to any other humane society"
Actually, if you pick number three, you need to stay away from humane societies. And human society, in general.


I work at a vet hospital, and we get some people who should not have pets, but I can only imagine the quality and quantity of loonies at a shelter is a hundred times worse.

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