Bad Customer Service: Lazy ER Slave Gets Told
Mistaken Identity: "You're Telling Me This Is Not a UPS Store?"



What is a Windshield Whipper? Is that someone who couldn't get a job in the BDSM field so they stand on your car and whip the windshield?
I know what a Windshield Wiper is and as long as I am under the little cover I turn them off at a drive-thru.


I worked at a Wendy's.... oh,16 years back, and was the daytime drive-thru order taker. I never minded the wipers being on, since they were usually far enough ahead not to spray at me.
What bugged the hell out of me though was the people smoking when they pulled up to the window, since the extraction fans in our kitchen just sucked that crap right past my nose and into the building.

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