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From Huff Po:

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I really wish my kneecaps would sweat more,” or, “Man, I wish people could get a better look at my kneecaps, but I’m wearing jeans?”

Well you’re in luck, because Topshop is now selling jeans with clear plastic kneecap covers sewn in. We’re not quite sure who the intended audience is for these poorly-named “Clear Panel Mom Jeans” from Topshop. 

But for only $95, these jeans can be yours. 

Though the internet only recently discovered this interesting piece of plastic disguised as clothing, people who have bought the Topshop jeans on Nordstrom only had rave reviews about the pants (though the comments look like they were probably left by trolls).

The jeans currently have three separate reviews ― all giving the item five stars ― with titles like “Love my kneecaps!” “I don’t have kids- they STILL fit!!” and “Great style, great comfort... great pants!” 

“I’ve always loved my kneecaps. So when I saw this pair of see-through kneecapped jeans, I had to get my hands on them! YOLO,” one reviewer wrote, though it’s unclear if they’re trolling us all or not. 

Another reviewer made it clear that these jeans “aren’t just for mom’s [sic],” thank goodness!

“My friends and I all bought a pair,” the reviewer wrote. “It’s been a long winter, we can still have that super fashionable skin through denim look, and stay warm! These jeans are totally on fleek!” 

We’re confused. 

YOLO? On fleek? Who is paying people to write these things? Certainly not the people who reviewed the jeans on Twitter: 


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Even if they didn't look stupid, no way would I pay 95$ for that!


Back to the 60's we go, with plastic women's clothes.



How about the 90's, with those cheap ass, torture devices they called "Jelly shoes"? I am glad to say I was never stupid enough to wear those...


Jelly shoes were perfect for little kids at the beach so they could paddle without mothers panicking about unsavoury items being jabbed in their feet.

Of course that was the only thing they were good for.

Kai Lowell

To be fair, jellies (the shoes, not the aquatic hellbeasts) could be pretty comfortable on abnormally-shaped and swollen feet if you got just the right pair.

Why yes, my feet have always had problems.


I must've slept through the jelly shoes?

Kai Lowell

I'm pretty sure they were an American thing.


I think they're called Crocs now.

Kai Lowell

*snorts his drink*

TT, you owe me a keyboard. :D


S>N=K error. (Soda through Nose to Keyboard) Heehee... If you had my built in 1982 IBM Model M big iron keyboard (takes two men and a small boy to carry) you could just huck it in the dishwasher. :D


Crocs? I have a pair, though I don't think they are made of plastic. More... semi-foam-thingy. I like them; great for houseshoes or to slip on when I'm bringing the garbage out or to the pharmacy across the street. (Though I wouldn't wear them 'outside')

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