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Retail Hell Memories: When Name Dropping Goes Horribly Right


Samantha Conklin

This is not "bad math," as some stores do not give you the "2 for..." special unless you actually buy lots of 2. Since the promotions are not always "you must buy two," they are stating it on the sign.

Buy 1 - it's $2.00
Buy 2 - it's $1.50 each, for a total of $3.00

Not hard

Kai Lowell

I think the part that's being touted as "bad math" is the bit inside the yellow square. It looks as if it's saying half of $3 is $2.

Eddy Cator

I thought it was a hyphen, turns out the yellow portion of the sign is saying "2 for $3 = $2 each"


I'm pretty sure what you're reading as an equals sign is 'or', reiterating the black text on the left.

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