Entitled Custy Hell: If You Won't Let Me Play, I'll Just Take A Prize
What's The Strangest Thing You've Found in a Shopping Cart?



But you will stick currency inside the pizza box so the money is sitting on my pizza?? Money is so dirty, that's why there are rules about having to wash hands after handling money if you are going to handle food.


I'm sorry, while I appreciate the partial refund... you're in a business, and someone ordered something from you that is likely part of the options available (whether that's listed as a "hawaiian pizza" or just a choose-your-toppings with pineapple being one of the options). Your personal opinion does not get a fucking say in this.

If I want to order a pizza with pineapple and ham, and it's something that your company actually offers, then you fucking make that pizza the way it was ordered and shut the fuck up about how gross you think it is.

Kai Lowell

Yeah, that's just...no. I can't stand the thought of pineapple on pizza, but if that's what someone ordered, that's what they'd get, regardless of how I feel about it.


If I asked for m-f-ing pineapple on my fucking pizza, YOU WILL GIVE ME M-F-ING PINEAPPLE ON MY PIZZA!! Also, put egg on that! *munch*


What is it with the Hawaiian hate? It's lovely, but then I'm a weirdo who loves nuts and cashews on pizza.


Well the next time we have pizza Molly, you can have nuts & cashews and I'll order Smarties & After 8 Mints.


I'll damn well make you eat it too, King, you know me well enough.


So we went from having pizza places not making them for gay people to now refusing to give us pineapple? ..... this is the only kind of struggle that there should be....
Now to find who can give me pineapple on my pizza.....

Kai Lowell

Well Molly, partly that I just plain don't like pineapple. Partly that I'm slightly allergic. :P


I'm sensitive to pineapple too, Kai, unless it's very ripe or cooked like tinned pineapple is. Makes my tongue bleed, which isn't the worst but gods it's painful.

Kai Lowell

That'd be the bromelain, likely. It digests proteins - including those in your mouth. (Pineapple: the only food that bites back.)

Tech Support Survivor

Pineapple on a pizza.... *shudder*.

That being said it's not like the delivery guy is gonna eat it. So who cares?


Well it's original name was PainApple, Kai, so it was appropriately named. Though I think that was more about the plant it came from.

Kai Lowell

I'll accept that explanation. :D


Even the smell of pineapple makes me ill. I am totally down with leaving it off of everything, forever. *shudder*


Always wondered why pineapple could make my tongue sting something serious... I like pineapple itself... but on pizza it is An Abomination.

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