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Retail Hell Memories: "No, it was your ad, and I want a refund for lost time and gas"


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From  nekholm, Tales From Retail:

A few years ago, a stubborn customer (SC) approached me, and the conversation went something like this:

SC: Hello, where are your windshield wiper fluids?

Me: Right this way. I show him where they are

SC: Yes, I saw these, but they were supposed to be on sale. A few cans for X€. (Customer couldn't remember the exact amount or the price)

Me: No, I don't think they are.. Checks the computer. No, it must have been one of our competitors.

SC: No, it was your ad.

Me: Shows customer the ad from that week. No, these are the items that are currently on sale, there's no windshield washer fluid in here.

SC: No, it was another ad, I got it in the mail today.

I was a little unsure before, but now I'm getting very confident it was someone else's ad. This happened on a Wednesday, and our ads are delivered on Mondays. Also, it was supposed to be Y cans for X€, and back then, we didn't have those kinds of sales on the fluids.

Me: It must have been a competitor's ad, our ads are delivered on Mondays.

SC: It was your ad, and I got it today.

Me: Well the computer doesn't show any signs of the fluids being on sale, and I haven't seen any ad with it, so it must have been someone else's.

SC: Fine, if you won't give the discount to me now, I'll drive home and get the ad. And when I return, you're going to refund me for lost time and gas. (He lived in another town, 20-25 miles from our store.)

Me: OK, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't our ad.

The customer finally leaves, and I get back to whatever I was doing. When I got home, I checked the mail, and what do you know. There's an ad from Competitor1, and they have a sale on windshield wiper fluid! Five 5 liter cans for 19,90€. Our price is (or was, back then) 3,99/can, so five cans would have cost 19,95. The customer didn't return that day, and I don't think he ever did.






"I'll drive home and get the ad."
That's a good idea.

"And when I return, you're going to refund me for lost time and gas."
And now I'm going to laugh at you.

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