Disney Coughs Up $3.8 Million in Back Wages For Thousands of Hotel and Resort Workers After Federal Investigation



Not sure what the issue is here. Many POS machines allow you to swipe at any point in the transaction so it is understandable that from the customer side of the counter they aren't sure when the current machine considers a transaction "started".... ie - after the first item scanned, after the cashier clicks 'subtotal', after the cashier clicks 'total', or since the POS is attached to the register it might consider that as a transaction action. If I already know that I'm going to be paying for what I brought to the counter, it's not a surprise that I'm going to have to pay whatever the items end up costing so I don't need to wait until everything is scanned before swiping. Even after swiping, the machine will bring up the total when the cashier finishes scanning and at that point I will have the option to confirm or reject the total. Not knowing the magic 'swipe window' for your particular system is not a fault of the customer.


It is the fault of the customer if you don't read the screen... if it doesn't say 'swipe now', then at best it will be ignored when you do... some systems it locks up, and if you have a chip card and swipe it, a lot of them will tell you to insert the card and drop the whole transaction so you have to start over.

Kai Lowell

I always swipe after everything's been scanned, dunno why but that's the habit I've got into...on the other hand my mum likes to swipe when the cashier's only halfway through scanning and that drives me (and my dad) up the wall.


Good thing about German cardreaders, then. They don't do anything, until everything has been scanned and the cashier has made the register connect to the reader, which then lights up and tells you to insert the card.

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