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RHU Commenting Update



Hello RHU Commenters,

Just wanted to let you all know that commenter Lightning will no longer be allowed to leave comments.

She has been commenting here for a little over a year with mixed results, as we have had complaints from other members. Most folks believe that she was commenting previously as GrammarNazi who was blocked for the same reason. It was pretty obvious if you followed her comments. People give themselves away with their words, personalities, and personal details.

In any case I've decided she is not the right fit for the RHU community any longer and blocked her from commenting. It's true not everything she said was inflammatory but when she did troll with negative comments out of left field, they spiraled into negative interactions with other members. That is just not the vibe I want for RHU. I gave her many chances, but she was not able to follow the Golden RHU Rule which is to scroll by something you don't care for and not leave a comment. It's how we keep the peace here. This blog is for chuckles, story sharing, and support and we like comments to reflect that.

I closed this post to comments as I feel it's not appropriate to discuss there. You are welcome to email me if you have something to want to say about her. 

Please let us know if you notice her coming back as another screen name in the future.

Thanks for being on RHU and all the funny and inspiring comments you all leave.








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