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From scifigirl21, Tales From Retail:

Work in a big supermarket in australia and it has a very big loyalty system that people are very obsessed with making sure they always get the most from it.

Was in charge and had one of the team members call me over to help, this one angry customer (AC) wanted to use her loyalty dollars but didn't have her card on her. I tried to explain to her that she needed the card in person to be able to use her card but she wasn't having any of it. At this stage there is getting a queue building so close of the register and moved other customers away so that AC could have all the space she and her young child could want.

AC - I have given you all the details you could need to put this through, I cant believe that you cant just do it this way.

Me - Unfortunately our loyalty card is a separate system to our register so we do need the card to be able to put it through

AC - Well I'm sorry but I don't believe that. You will put this through, I have all these points saved. I knew I shouldn't have come into this store, it was a mistake. I want to speak to your manager

Manager didnt want to come down to speak to AC, because he didnt but told me exactly the same thing I had told AC. During my time calling the manager AC had decided to take it upon herself to call the Loyalty card help line.

AC - (talking on the phone) Look im here at the register and I want to use my dollars but the girl says I can't use them without the card. [Silence] Well I threw that card out, I didnt want to have to keep carrying around so many cards [Silence] Well f* you, what a waste of time this all is

She then hangs up and pulls out her card to pay, all the while swearing at me and telling me how she'll never shop at our store again and will give up on the loyalty program. Handed her reciept and then world war 3 went off.

Me - Have a nice day

AC - How dare you fing insult me like that. I cannot believe that, you fing b*. I am going to call your management.





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