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From Lon-Abel-Kelly

Working at call center, asking people to pay their old bills. Naturally some responded angrily.

Customer: 'So this is what you do all day? You just call people who haven't paid their bills?'

Me: 'Yes.'

Customer: 'So if I paid my bills you'd be out of the job?'

Me: 'If everybody paid their bills, then yes.'

Customer: 'Ha ha! Good. You just fucked up by telling me this. I'm going to pay my bills right away. When you're unemployed then see how you like getting calls about your bills!'

The futility of eradicating a job that relies on the existence of poor people by making me poor escaped them.




Reverse psychology works wonders, doesn't it?


Oh, no! You figured it out! My boss is turning into a pile of dust as we speak. I am burning in the sunlight and my colleague is busy howling at a plastic moon hanging in his office cubicle! You are too intelligent for this world, good sir/ma'am.

We had a receptionist who needed something to keep her busy, so we gave her all the bad checks to see if she could collect. She did her research, talked to the DA's office, got the form letter that basically says "writing bad checks is a crime, and you can go to jail for it."

Deadbeats would call up, literally crying about how they couldn't pay. Her response was relentless: "I guess you're going to jail, then." And hang up the phone.

She collected stuff that was years old, some of it I'm sure past the statute of limitations.


That's cool!


I...just...that would be great if you paid up on time and got your friends to do it? But you won't...

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