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The Dumbest Question: Which Windows Came First?


Customer: "Which came first, Windows 95 or Windows 98?"

Me: "...Um, they're named after years so Windows 95 came out around 1995. Windows 98 came out around 1998."

Customer: "So which one came first?"

Me: "...Windows 95..."

Can we PLEASE admit that they have cut back just a wee bit too much on school funding?! --







The correct order is:
blah, blah, blah early versions, 95, 98, XP, 7, 8 and 10
(nobody mentions VISTA or ME in the hope that everyone forget about them)


Windows versions are like Star Trek movies. Good one, bad one, good one, bad one... 95 (bad), 98 good, ME bad, xp good, vista bad, 7 good, 8 godawful, 10 meh-ok...


I once, while looking for a job, came across an ad demanding 5 years experience in Win 95... in 1997.


I tried Windows 10 while the upgrade was free, but I hated the layout of it (even an add-on to make it look more like 7 didn't convince me) so a week later it was a case of rip it out and start again with 7.


Did you ever use GEOS? They could have won out over Windows, if they had a better marketing team at the time. I used it a couple years.

Kai Lowell

Am I the only one who ever had ME beaten into submission? One of the best OSes I've ever worked with. Never gave me a lick of trouble, even when everyone around me couldn't go five seconds without a crash or problem...

Tech Support Survivor

You nailed it TT

Misty Meanor

I actually remember using Windows 3.1 when I was in my early teenage years. Then I moved up to Windows 95 when I was 17, and from there I kept going gradually.

As for education funding being cut, I dare say it's only going to get worse from here!


ME is much like Linux, or the various *nixes. Yes, it can be used, but is extremely tempremental, takes fucktons of work to make it reliable and there's pretty much nothing that works with it so people who just want a computer to work didn't use it unless they were forced to.

I COULD have made ME work... but it wasn't worth the trouble it took.

3.1 was ok, mainly because it was the first really widespread version, and ran as a shell on DOS so all the stuff you had before would still work, easily.


ME and Vista. Both way more trouble than they were worth, although I made a good amount of money off people who were using them and had problems. My favorite was ME randomly uninstalling all the persons drivers, except the core ones that were bundled with Windows

Kai Lowell

Personally I cannot stand the shitshow that is Windows 10.

I kind of miss XP, actually. It was decent for a Microsoft OS.


XP had its problems. Couldn't support more than 3g of memory; even if you put more in, it only had access to 3. And it had memory leaks that meant it got worse and worse over time, eventually requiring a reboot every 93 days.

XP was the best of them until 7, which I still use. The only thing XP does better than 7 is the search. I really miss that.

10 is...tolerable. You can make it look more like 7 natively, and it works much the same way, but I really do prefer 7.

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