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Funny Fakes: Captain Morgan's Got Company



Yes, let it die.

And take the stupid sayings on jars with it.


"Or, you could pay your staff an adequate amount to live on so they don't have to come up with cheap entertainment to pay their bills."
-Rest of the the world.


I don't get this? Is it a reference to a meme?


Lightning, it's a phrase that was used by this stupid little thug-wannabe 14 year old girl who was on Dr Phil. One of those episodes with a parent boo hoo-ing about how their child is disrespectful and out of control.


Ooooh. Yeah, I don't watch Dr Phil (Germany doesn't have it) or any of those 'family drama' crap anymore. Most of it is just stuff that can easily be solved by regular talking or logic.


I don't either, lightning, so thanks for the explanation, Road. Saw it and was like WTF? That's not even clever


I don't watch TV like that either, so I don't watch TV.

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