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YoauntieFrom YoAuntie

I have a dear friend who visits me every Friday afternoon at the market. She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an autoimmune disease which causes her joints to dislocate easily. She has splints and braces to fit every joint in her body, and on an average day she is wearing at least three of them.

She was doing fairly well today; she wore a back brace, a wrist splint, and a knee brace. She left her scooter in the car, and was using a shopping cart as a walker. She went into the lavatory, and used the handicap stall as always (she has trouble standing up from a sitting position). A moment later, she came
into my store in tears.

“There’s a woman in there who grabbed my arm and yelled at me that I am not handicapped, and don’t need that bathroom stall. Then she shook me on the arm that had a splint on it! She didn’t even need the stall, because she was just putting on her lipstick and combing her hair.”

I offered to take the security team in there and have a few words with her, but my friend didn’t want to make a fuss. Luckily, the shaking hadn’t dislocated any joints (on a bad day, her joints can pop out while she’s lying on the couch). As someone with an autoimmune disease (lupus) who often gets snide remarks
when I use my scooter, I am very sensitive to “you don’t look handicapped” accusations. But my friend is a more patient soul than I am, because I will get up in someone’s face and scream the gory medical details of my condition until they apologize and slink away with their tail between their legs.

My friend decided to go home, and we escorted her back to her car (with its handicap license plate) to prevent any additional encounters. A few minutes later, I was coming back from the diner with a large diet soda and two dinner rolls when someone said quite loudly, “That’s why you’re fat.”

Me: I beg your pardon?

Regan Fuck youB----: You’re fat because you eat bread and drink sodas all day.

Me: And who gave you the right to comment on my body? Are you the woman who shook a girl wearing a back and wrist brace in the bathroom just now? I mean seriously bitch, she was wearing 3 appliances and probably leaning against the wall to get out the door and back to her cart. You’re banned from this market for assaulting a disabled person.

B----: Everybody thinks they’re soooo disabled, [and they say] poor me.

Me: Okay, I’ll call her and get her to meet you at the police station, which is where you’re going now.

I signaled to a police officer sitting in the donut shop.

The customer fled the scene, but not without saying, “You’re so fat that you make me want to throw up!”

Me: Go ahead. Just do it outside; we don’t feel like cleaning up after you.




Kai Lowell

I too have EDS, and I would gladly risk dislocating every joint in my body to kick that rude twat's teeth down her throat. What a bitch.

I'm glad your friend was alright, YoAuntie.


"Then she shook me on the arm that had a splint on it!"
Assault! Assault! *smacks the woman in the eye with the splint*

“you don’t look handicapped”
Well, you don't look like a complete asshole.
Looks are SO deceiving, aren't they? =D

"You’re fat because you eat bread and drink sodas all day."
And they are DELICIOUS. *slurps soda* Mmmmmmmmmmmh~


I'm supposed to be evaluated for this but I keep putting it off. Not sure how a diagnosis would make my shoulder falling out of the socket any better, really... although my ankle went for the first time recently and that one really sucked. :-P Meanwhile, this twat needed a whack with the clue-by-four.


"War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength"
Not sure why this post made me think of that, other than the blatant ignorance of some people, who assume if you're not horribly disfigured or some such, you can't have a handicap or condition that makes things difficult for you and sometimes requires additional accomodations

Kai Lowell

BookBitch, while most care for EDS is palliative (though you can have surgery for certain things - I did for my ankles, because I literally couldn't walk on them without them rolling under me at a 90 degree angle and constantly breaking) you'll likely get directed to physical therapy to strengthen some of the cranky ligaments and tendons so there's less chance of dislocation. It does actually help; I've been through several rounds myself. If you get a good therapist who's experienced with EDS the results can be utterly amazing.

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