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Reminds me of a service station I used to work at - our canopy skirting would keep on getting damaged as a garbage truck driver would repeatedly have the dumpster lifting arms smack into it when it was raised.
In retrospect, it was probably caused by being in a tricky space to maneuver the truck in rather than driver incompetence, but never actually saw it happen as it would only ever occur overnight when the place was closed.


Had a guy in a stretch limo try to go thru the automated carwash at one of my gas stations. This car wash was built to accept regular size and length cars only, so, of course, he got stuck and caused a lot of damage to the equipment when the automated rollers couldn't push his car through. He compounded it by throwing it into reverse, gunning it, hopping the little guide rail thing and taking out a chain link fence. My boss was FURIOUS

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