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Bad Customer Service: Making An Appointment Has No Actual Value


Bad retail slavesFrom Ilia

Okay folks, is time for Bad Customer Service ranting...

Five hours. FIVE. HOURS. At Yota's Car Place. We had an appointment for 10:10 am, which Dad made two weeks in advance. We received an email confirmation, as well as a warning that if we were late to our appointment, it would delay when the car would be looked at. Dad and I figure it'll take an hour or so to get the recalled parts removed and replaced. We bring a book each and go in. We arrive a few minutes early.

"Oh, your appointment time is actually just the drop off time. It doesn't move you ahead of anyone. There are a lot of other cars ahead of you, so we won't be getting to your car until about 3 or 4 pm. But our shuttle will take you anywhere in [city]."

1) Why the fuck did we bother making an appointment if you will ignore us to do walk-ins first?

2) Why the fuck didn't you TELL us over the phone that appointments are only drop offs and don't actually benefit us? We could have brought a second car and gone home!

3) Anywhere in [city] is useless, as we live in [city an hour away]!

4) Do you SERIOUSLY think we're going to do business with you assholes ever again after this shit?

We sat in the damn waiting room for five hours. I finished my book three hours in! Thank Thrognar I had my iPod Touch and could read webcomics on their WiFi... 

Jason RawrEmail of complaint we sent to Yota's Car Place, under my dad's name:



I am, quite frankly, appalled by the way [Yota's Car Place] handled our visit today. We received notice that there was a recall on parts for our [car]. I made an appointment (two weeks in advance) and was given an appointment time of 10:10 am to have these switched out. When my daughter and I arrived, we were told by a woman on the Red Team that our appointment wasn't actually an appointment to have our car looked it, it was instead merely a "drop off time" and that there were a number of people ahead of us. So though we made an appointment for 10:10am, the car wouldn't actually be even looked at until 3pm or 4pm.

We were not told this over the phone, or we could have been better prepared, or even arranged for other transportation for our wait time. Instead, we were directed to either walk up the road to Burger King or Wendy's, or they could get us a shuttle to take us "anywhere in [city]." Seeing as how we live in [city an hour away], this was not a useful recommendation. We expected to spend, maybe, two and a half hours tops while our car was taken care of. Instead, since our "appointment" time didn't actually have any meaning, we spent FIVE AND A HALF HOURS sitting in the waiting area waiting for the service team to eventually get to the car.

I was under the impression that an appointment (as is understood in other situations) was a time slot set aside for someone who was planning ahead to have their vehicle looked at. If that's not the case, then making an appointment has no value.

Freddy not impressedI find it hard to reconcile continuing to do business with a company that shows no respect for its customer's "appointment" time. We had other obligations to take care of today, which had to be delayed thanks to the lack of transparency about [Yota's Car Place] Customer Service Policies.


Now we have done business with independent garages. They call it a 'drop off time' and not an appointment. They have been upfront with us that it may take hours or even a day or two. This is perfectly fine.

However, we made something specifically called an "appointment" with the employees, at a corporate owned dealership and service department and it was stressed that if we missed our appointment by more than ten or fifteen minutes, we would 'lose our spot.' This usually implies something similar to a restaurant, or a doctor's appointment. If it's a drop off time, you call it a drop off time. Grrrrgh...




Misty Meanor

I really hope that they are helpful when they respond.


I'm not sure if there's anything you actually want them to do, but if you're not happy with the dealership's response, there will be a regional office who can apply considerable pressure. And most auto makers have some kind of corporate ombudsman's office.


(patpats Ilia) That sucks... It sounds like a doctor's office. "Be here on the second or we'll cancel your appointment and charge you" but the doctor is never within an hour of it...


*offers hugs*


*Curls into a ball and rocks in the corner, remembering my dr appointments growing up*
Small town, only one dr. NO other options. He would make us wait HOURS

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