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From rosieyourealright, Tales From Retail:

I run front desk at a barbershop, we are ten minutes away from closing and all the chairs are full. I'm dusting the retail shelves and a young guy walks in.

Guy: I need a haircut.

Me: We are closing in ten minutes I'd be happy to schedule you in tomorrow.

Guy: I literally need a haircut right now.

Me: Again, we are closing. We will open again at 9am tomorrow.

Guy: Well, I just need the sides done. I'll wait.

He sits down.

Me: Sir, a cut takes 30 minutes. We close at 9pm. You're asking our staff to stay 30 minutes longer than scheduled. By the time we finish closing duties it will be 10pm.

Guy: Well, I need a haircut.

Me: I understand that, but you should plan ahead next time and come in earlier.

Guy: This is ridiculous!

He left storming out the door.

Another guy came in as he was leaving, and was very sweet and scheduled for the next day so I gave him a 50% off card.





Was this fucker seriously wanting to wait in the shop till morning?!?!


Well, if I recall, your piss poor prior planning isn't my problem. Also, once again, being a decent person pays off. Whodathunk?


He expected to sit, and get them to cut his hair to get him out, not sit until morning.


I get free pizzas from Dominos all the time, never once have I asked for it. Once, I ordered for delivery, and they called and said they don't deliver to my apartments past a certain time, and they would refund my money. I said I'd come in to pick up the pizza, no problem, since I wanted pizza more than money, and no refund was necessary. They refunded me anyway. Same thing happened during a storm. Took over an hour for my pizza, and I called to check on it. One of the drivers wrecked his car, so they were behind and short staffed. I thanked them, wished the driver well, and said don't worry about it, just be safe and get here when you can. Next day, check balance, charge for pizza credited back. IDK if it's corporate policy, or if it's because I treat them like humans and don't scream at them for crap beyond their control

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