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From Mullertonne, Tales From Retail:

It's just a normal day on the express checkout in my store when I started to ring up an older lady. M: me L: lady.

M: hi, how are you today?

L: ...

No response, but it's not unusual sometimes you get people who are just kinda rude or just want to really get out of the store.

As I finish putting her through she inserts her card into the reader too early, our readers will beep and carry on unless it's specifically the time you need to put it in. This is to prevent people from just leaving their cards in the readers. So the reader is beeping loudly and insesantly till I tell her to remove it, I also tell her I'll let her know when to put it in. She still refuses to talk or even make eye contact with me.

I read out the price and she inserts it again way too early.

M: can you just take your card out for a second and I'll let you know when to put it in. (Second time)

L: ...

Takes her card out and literally puts it in a second later. I now feel bad because I think she's going deaf as that would make sense why she wasn't talking or following my instructions.

M: (much louder and clearer) sorry just take your card out and I'll tell you when you can insert it.

The lady takes out her card and looks at me. L: I'm not deaf you know!

I'm now really annoyed and just don't stop myself from saying: "Well that remains to be seen." She huffs as she walks out now finally paid for her goods.

The next customers comes through kind of bewildered by the encounter, and when I ask her how her day is going she answers straight away "better than her's I think."






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