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From Bonnibunny, Tales From Retail:

So recently our store started hiring, as we are always understaffed. In order to attract job seekers, they recently posted a hiring sign mentioning that they were hiring starting at $11.00/hr, which is a whopping $1 above state mandated minimum wage. The following encounters have ensued as a result.

1: Lady is perfectly nice, has a normal and very polite interaction. In fact, she's more cheerful and polite than my average customer. As she walks out she sees the sign, turns, and screeches at me

L: "Does that sign say $11 an hour?!"

Me: Yes m'am it does.

L: You don't deserve $11!

2: Woman I'm ringing out has already noticed the signs...

W: When I was your age, minimum wage was so much lower! The job hasn't changed at all, you are so lucky you get paid so much nowadays, when I was your age I made practically no money!

Me: ...

3: Checking out a man, who has been rude and impatient the entire time. Prices have changed recently (at the time of this story)

Man: Why is it so expensive? Usually this costs $x.yz but today it costs $a.bc. You did it wrong.

Me: It seems we had a slight price increase, I'm really sorry sir!

Man: Well I bet if it weren't for stupid kids like you getting paid $11 an hour, they wouldn't have increased! You stupid workers think you deserve $15 for flipping burgers, it's so easy anyone could do it! It's not like you need the money anyway, you should feel ashamed of yourself!

Rant Time!

Please for the love of god, don't be this customer. I live in a state that is the 3rd or 4th highest in terms of cost of living, and while I may be young, I am saving money in order to be able to move out and become financially independent. No one where I work is protesting for $15/hr. No one even really asked for $11/hr. We get paid this much because management has a hard time keeping workers, with many quitting due to the stress of the job. We are often assigned the jobs normally assigned to 2-3 workers in other stores within the franchise. The extra dollar an hour is for doing two people's jobs.

Sometimes it's even worse than the occasional random insults I get, because I work extremely hard and take pride in being able to save money for something important to me. It's just so hard listening to people berate you and say you make too much money and don't work hard when you're constantly busting ass






Those customers are idiots! Keep working hard and know they are jealous.


Ug. I've argued with my own co-workers before about the minimum wage. Does no one understand the history of the minimum wage? The ENTIRE point of a minimum wage is it's supposed to be the bare minimum a person can make working a 40 hour work week and live comfortably. WITHOUT government assistance. I'm sorry, a fry cook working 40 hours a week deserves just as much freedom from worrying if he's gonna make rent this month as the CEO of the burger joint he works at.


Reminder her that back then a house cost $10,000.

Tech Support Survivor

OF course people like that don't think it costs anything for rent, utilities, etc.


Sweetheart, you deserve all the money in the world for dealing with these mutants :D <3 Remember that these people are often unemployed or on goverment assistance, with their husbands supporting them, they do not know what it means to make a living.


The minimum wage, if it had kept up with inflation would be somewhere in the vicinity of $20 an hour.

It is supposed to guarantee a living wage for all people who work full time. No matter the job, people deserve to live comfortably. This would be considered radical to some, but I also believe that everyone deserves to live comfortably, regardless of their working situation.

I'm not saying everyone deserves to have a yacht and drink mimosas for breakfast every day. I'm saying that wages that are just enough to pay one out of three utility bills and only afford to eat ramen isn't right.


Exactly, Tiger42. I make 15 and still live paycheck to paycheck. Single income, Single father. It's a nightmare, especially if I have to miss work because no PTO

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