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CoworkerhellCarhop here with a tale of corporate stupidity. This happened Thursday and I'm finally calm enough (with the help of generous amounts of alcohol and a couple days of hanging out with awesome friends) to write about it.

My little shop has the local branch of a nationwide company that comes to get their vehicles serviced by us. Now, these vehicles are put under an enormous amount of strain. I'm talking we just replaced the motor on a 2015 vehicle that had 250,000 miles on it. These vehicles drive all over the place, get oil changes on an almost monthly basis, and just generally are run into the ground in under three years.

Now besides oil changes, the number one thing the vehicles come in for are new tires. Corporate requires all tires to be changed when they've reached a tread depth of 4/32. For some background, standard car tires start at about 10/32 tread depth. (We're too far south to have to worry about snow tires.)

Well, originally we were getting all the vehicles Cooper brand tires. They're not too expensive and they hold up well to all the crazy amounts of driving the vehicles do, especially since this company refuses to get tire rotations (moving the front tires to the back and vice versa to even out wear, because the weight of the engine will cause the front tires to wear out quicker than the rear). Well, corporate started complaining about the cost around the fall of last year.

Custy phone 2Ok, fair enough, we'll throw some cheapies on your vans.

Thursday we had a vehicle come in, needing the rear tires replaced due to wear. It had just been in the shop for new tires on the front back in February. We get contacted by corporate asking why this van's tires are wearing out so fast. But it wasn't just a polite question, it was more like "We need to figure out what's wrong with this van. We just replaced all these tires last fall and now they're needing replacement again?" You know, passive aggressively trying to blame my shop for shit we've already warned them about. (I long ago started keeping every e-mail sent back and forth from this company.)

So I put on my best "My, how nice..." voice and politely explained that they had insisted we put cheaper tires on their vans, and the last time the tires had been changed was roughly 30,000 miles ago, which is quite good mileage for dirt cheap tires with no tread mileage warranty. And they had two options; buy better tires, or rotate the tires with every oil change and they might last a bit longer. But don't complain about getting what you paid for.

What is it about suits in a distant office having no clue how the day-to-day of their business works? Sigh...




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