Religious Freaks: Tantrum At The Total
Old People Hell: Two Old Ladies Decide They Want To Triple Bag All Of Their Groceries and Madness Ensues



Wouldn't the Jesus' Blood ones just be wine flavored?

*steps into fiery handbasket*

Jason Anderson

the black liquorice ones are a sin.. agreed.. yuck


...I like black jellybeans. Always traded my brother for his black and white ones at easter and halloween.

"Eat of these peeps, for they are my flesh. Nom of this jellybean, for it is my blood."

Kiddo, is that basket a two-seater?


When I saw Jesus' Blood I immediately thought of Charlie Sheen and his epic rant which included the epic line "tiger blood" - which is also a flavor at the new snowball stand down the street. Delicious. You need a bigger basket.

Kai Lowell

Mmmmmm, sanguine.

Can I join you guys in the basket?


Samus can't come after that 'tiger blood' thing. :P


Please do not drain the Tiger's fluids without the Tiger's permission first please.

Kai Lowell

No comment, Rysky. :P





Kai Lowell

We're all twelve years old aren't we? :D


Heehee... I never claimed different. :) I still take screenshots of penis-shaped things in games...

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