Toxic Managers: Being Happy To Work Here Is A Requirement
Cashier Tricks Price Switcher


Kai Lowell

Okay, I don't get this one...what am I missing?


Kai, I'm assuming it's because with carts, you'd think that you could pull the cart towards you to release it from the corral. In this instance, that isn't possible, though you may be able to from the other end. Who knows?


It's got the chain and rail on the right, like where you have to 'buy' the cart with a deposit. But it'd be annoying to try and back one in to return it... The poles have dark circles around them that kind of look like wheel marks. I wonder if they swivel or something.

Kai Lowell

Hm. *shrugs* I'm not used to seeing the locking carts in actual railed corrals at all tbh - our Aldi just has a bit of space set aside where carts go, no rails to fuss with.

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