English is Hard: Sidewalk Sign Runs into Preposition Trouble
Stupid Things Customers Say


McHell Manager

Probably for people using strollers and push wheel chairs, though the push wheelchair is not a great idea because you could lose control so easily

Kai Lowell

My mum likes to freewheel in her wheelchair, I think she'd enjoy this.


I really want to borrow a very basic wheel chair, stand at the top of that, and sell tickets for rides down. I bet I can make some side cash.


More likely it's for a delivery 2 wheeled handcart.


If it was't for that landing, I'd buy a ticket. That landing looks like trouble for the ride down


That's the best part! You catch air there... and when you land on your face, you'll have a wheelchair handy to get to the hospital...

Kai Lowell

I showed mum. She approves.


I had a client who used a wheelchair, that would absolutely love this. He could totally stick the landing too.

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