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Furniture Store Hell: Throw Blanket Meltdown


Carolanne 002

From  Kara-El, Tales From Retail:

This just happened before I went on my break. I am on mobile so forgive my mistakes...

I am the customer service manager for my Furniture Store. Meaning I take care of customer issues. It is my job.

A customer calls in and one of my gals in the office answers the phone. The customer (CB) is mad and almost immediately starts cussing at my girl, won't give her any info to help, asks immediately for a manager as her salesperson is off today (so she can't cuss at him, I guess).

Only one manager of the store is on duty today and she's in the middle of a customer who is purchasing over $10k in furniture. CB is told that the manager can give her a call back when she is done.

CB Is not happy with that answer, starts cussing again. She is given a warning to stop with the foul language and after she continues to use foul language she is hung up on.

She immediately calls back and I get her. She asks for the manager, I let her know that the manager is still busy and that i can help her as I AM the customer service manager after all.

She starts swearing at me and continues to ask for the manager. I give her a fair warning to stop swearing and she doesn't so I hang up on her.

She continues to call back another 5 more times and I pick it up each time, asking her politely to stop cussing and tell me her issue as that is my job to help her. She continues to swear each time and each time I hang up on her.

So she ends up calling our corporate helpline and they all the store. I speak with the rep who has CB on hold and she tells me that CB is upset because she was missing a small $20 item (a throw blanket) from her sale.

This bitch was being a bitch over an item we give out for free at least 10 times a day.

The way she was going on I thought maybe we delivered the wrong item or damaged her home or the drivers hit her car or something.

No. She was all pissed off about an item I would have given 2 or more, if she had just been cordial about it





Misty Meanor

If you're that upset about a throw blanket, you need help!

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