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From EatingPieInTheTub, Tales From Retail:

Own a mom and pop video game shop. New and used games/systems all that good stuff.

Myself/Owner: M. Customer: C.

Get a phone call around 5PM last night:

C: Do you have any of the color Nintendo Switches in stock?

M: Well, I do have one grey one. No color ones.

C: Can you hold it for me, I want to trade in a Wii and Wii U with games for it.

M: Normally I wouldn't but no one has asked for one today so give me your name and I will. Remember we stop doing in trades 45 minutes before the store closes which is 8PM tonight, you need to be in the store by 7:15 to start the process.

C: I will be there within 20 minutes.

Guy gives me his name and I hang up. Super nice on the phone, thanks me for holding the system for him. 20 minutes comes and goes and he doesn't show. 7:15 rolls around and I tell my other employee on with me if he shows he will have to come back tomorrow, but I am not holding the system. It is back on first come first serve. 7:45 the guy walks in with the stuff (one Wii system with 25 games, a Wii U with 15 games).

BC: I am here for the Switch and trades.

M: Not happening tonight sorry. I told you on the phone trades stop 45 minutes before closing. We now close in 15 minutes and it is going to take a good 45 minutes if not an hour to check all these games/controllers/systems.

Guy goes nuts on me. I am a dead man, is gonna burn my store burn down. He NEEDS this system, I have no clue how BAD he NEEDS this system. All the good stuff. Finally had to call the cops to get him removed.

Store still stands, sold the system 20 minutes after opening today.







You got to stop taking trades 45 minutes before close? We were forced to take any trades that came in, even if it was a 100 piece wii dump trade bright in 5 minutes before close.


Nightwalker: Note the first word of the story: Own. It's good to be the owner.

But I always feel a little bit disappointed when a sentence about calling the cops starts with "Finally."

Perhaps I'm a little extreme. (But then, so is threatening to burn the store down.)

Misty Meanor

Nightwalker: My sympathies.


Oh Nightwalker I know your pain. So glad I don't work in a place anymore that takes trades.


I'm with Google on this one. Cops would have been called immediately when the arson threats started, and I would've delayed them till they showed, then pressed whatever charges I was able to

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