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From  UBT400, Tales from Retail:

A man (M) and a woman (W) approached my till with their stuff. M put the basket onto the counter, while W stood a few feet away looking at a display. M pulled out his phone as I started ringing up their stuff.

Me: (to M) Hi! how are you, today? Find everything you were looking for?

No response

W turns around,

W: We're fine, thank you! Sorry, he probably didn't hear you.

M: without looking up from his phone Oh, no I heard her.

Cricket cricket

W just stared at the back of his head and kinda just blinked. It set in that he chose (quite rudely) to not answer me. She let out the longest exasperated sigh I've ever heard.

M: Still doesn't look up, but kinda tilts his head in her direction What? What's wrong?

W storms out the door. M finally looks up as she leaves and follows her out.

M: Whaaaaaat..? What did I do now??

-- UBT400





Yeah, being a douchebag has consequences, who'da thunk?

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