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I worked in a small clothing store 2.5 years ago. It was a pretty stressful job in overall but I just wanted to share one especially traumatic experience.

There was this elderly lady (about 70 years old, I think) who would come to the store every week or two and buy lots of clothes. Naturally, we treated her like a vip because she left a lot of money there, so we would bring her more clothes to the fitting room, give her fashion advice (duh) etc.

Now, she was pretty... weird. She would talk very loudly, grab our arms, tell us some personal stories, you know what I mean. But she wasn't unpleasant per se so we didn't mind.

Well one day she comes for her shopping spree. Me and my coworker are waiting outside the fitting room so that lady would show us how a shirt looked like on her. Suddenly, she pushes away the curtain and... goes outside wearing nothing but a bra.

I am not kidding you. She was full naked down there and let me tell you - that was one of a very bushy situation. She then proceeded to walk into the shopping area (!!) and ask us to grab her something from the shelves.

My coworker had a little panic attack while I tried to as kindly as possible get that lady back into the fitting room while other customers were staring in shock.

When I later told my manager about this she said, "Oh yeah, that lady is pretty weird, don't worry."

I have the sad, sneaking suspicion that she's in the early stages of dementia. That's why I didn't yell at her or anything, just got her into the fitting room as quickly as possible and pretended nothing happened.

I was always worried why she spent so much money there, I mean, she just kept buying new clothes, I don't think she really needed them. I hope someone took care of her.




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