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From  RetailFucksYouUp, Tales From Retail:

I'm a 20 year old 'Customer Service Assistant' in your bog standard convenience store. We are small enough that we know all of our customers by name, cigarette orders, and even what they do on a day to day basis. Really tight community.

This happened around six months ago, and it's my favourite story from all my time working in retail.

We have an elderly customer that comes into our store on a daily basis, lets call her "D". D was known for always buying 20 B+H Gold for "her friend" and a pack of Custard creams, every single day. She is 94 years old and still going strong, but obviously there are some side effects that come with someone being at that age.

D came into the store and approached the counter, we gave her the usual cigarettes and after a quick chat to make sure she was doing okay, she left the store to walk home.

20 minutes later she returns and tells us she can't find her house keys. As the wonderful retail slave I am, my manager told me to help her find her keys at all cost, so I walked her back to her house while searching the ground for the keys.

RHSEPT 307By the time we get back to D's house, it's getting dark and it's almost the end of my shift. As I said before, she's an elderly lady and needed to get back inside so she could keep warm.

I turn to her and say "Is there anyone I can call for you with a spare key?"

She replies "I don't have any spare keys, just break in for me"

Not even 20 minutes ago I was at work, a law abiding member of the community, and somehow I've ended up at an old womans house about to literally smash her back doors in.

I walk up to the door and wrench it off of its hinges, was badly made, I'm surprised nobody has broken in before.

We get into her house and I go to make her a cup of tea before I leave, when she takes off her jacket and says...

"Oh, my keys were tied around my wrist the whole time"


I returned to work and told my manager what happened, and now I have a reputation I'd rather not have.

-- RetailFucksYouUp







Misty Meanor

There was really nothing you could've done.

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