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From Imeverybodyelse, Tales From Retail:

I'm at the cash wrap checking out a customer before going home. Me= me C= customer

Me: " how are you doing today?"

C: "I'm doing ok I suppose I mean I'm not really myself but it'll be alright."

Me: "sometimes you just have to power through tough moments. Did you find everything you were looking for today?"

C: "so i just got off the phone with the hospital my daughter got into a car wreck and all three of my grandkids are dead and my daughter is having her leg amputated."

Me: me absolutely speechless

C: "Oh wait there are some socks that I need to go buy also I put my coupons on the counter, actually can you just hold onto this stuff while I go shop for a few more items?"

I am on autopilot at this point wondering if it's true or if it's all some plan to get me to say something self incriminating or if it's oddly manifested grief.

It was definitely an odd experience for me.





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