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I work in a garden store. One of my coworkers sold a couple of trees to an older gentleman. We helped load them in his car, he went on his merry way and that was that. Or so we thought.

About an hour later I get a phone call:

Customer: "I need somebody to come take these trees out of my car and carry them into the backyard!"

(We are a small store with minimal staff, this is not a service we offer.)

Me: "I'm sorry sir, we don't have anyone to do that"

C: "What? I'm 83! You gotta send somebody!"

Me: "I could ask one of my coworkers who takes outside jobs..."

C: (interrupting) "Yeah you tell him to come to (address) this afternoon!"

Me: "Sir I don't know if he's available or what he would charge..."

C: "What!? I would have to pay?!!! How much?"

Entitled custiesMe: "I don't know. That would be between you and him..."

C: "I'm 83! You send somebody this afternoon! "

Me: "Sir I will ask but I can't promise anything, this is not really a service we offer."

C:(rattles off address again, and phone number) hangs up

As it turned out no one was available and I left a message on his voicemail suggesting he ask a neighbor.

I felt bad because I have elderly relatives and I know how hard it can be for them. I thought about doing it myself after work but figured it would just open a big ol' can of worms of him wanting me to do stuff like that every week.





We often help load up customers cars with heavy goods, but we've never had anyone ballsy enough to call and demand someone leave the branch to unload it because the answer would contain two words with the second one being off.


The other two relevant words here being "legal liability". Just asking for a lawsuit if any injury was done, because the work insurance certainly won't cover it.

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