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From midnitebrz, Tales From Retail:

Let me start off by saying I totally respect if you have a thing or two that you change bags it's in because you want it by something else (sometimes if I only have one cold item left and you've already taken all the cold bags, it may end up with non cold things and I understand moving it). However, there's a point where I draw the line.

These two older ladies came through my line the other day. First thing I noticed was the MASSIVE amount of bread loaves that were on the belt. 14 of the exact same loaf, regular sized so it's not small or anything. One of the old ladies requested I put it in two big bags instead of our normal shopping bags. I happily oblige because who wants that many bags of just bread! The next thing they had was some back scrubber loofas on a stick, which was kind of long and stuck out of the bag. The other old lady ran over to a different register and got a BUNCH of our big bags (we rarely give them out because there's not much reason to and we only have ~5 at a register). She put the loofas in there because even though it's easy to grab the handle on the bag, she didn't like it. Whatever.

Then she did my worst pet peeve in the world. She moved her cart to my side of the register and stood right next to me. This makes me very uncomfortable because that's my little amount of personal space I have and she was in it. Every bag I turned around she had to redo. The first lady asked me to bag her tea containers in different bags because she's had the bottom break before. No big deal, I put one in a bag with some stuff to cushion it and the other the same way in a different bag. This is where it starts to get on my nerves. She pulls each one out of the bag, and triple bags it and wraps them up tight. Think it stops at just two glass tea containers? Nope. She has eight bottles of pasta sauce. By standard practice I put two in each bag, but again that isn't good enough. They again have to triple bag each one individually and are getting upset with me because it's not to their liking.

At this point, I'm running out of bagging room because they take so long to adjust it. We're pretty busy and understaffed, and I've got a decent line going. So I start going faster and spinning the bagging rack around and around till I can find an empty bag, and each time I bag something they pull it out and do it again, differently. They have loose items stacked on top and I still keep going (I have a scan rate of around 850/hour if I don't run into crazy problem customers. It ended up being 780 after this incident). They're now frantically trying to keep up and double and triple bagging things for no reason at all. I finish and they're still struggling with all the bags and upset and frantic. The lady then decides to pay with EXACT change (it was over a $200 total) and I can tell they were both ticked at me the whole time. I'm sure I had one crazy grin on my face because I managed to upset them and I was so pleased with myself.

In the end, what would have been probably a 20 bag trip at most, became a 50+ bag game. What a waste of plastic. I just really want to know what they do to their groceries that requires them to be so cautious?!






Misty Meanor

People like that have a special place in hell!

Tech Support Survivor

*face palm* I like extra bags- I have a cat, my mom has two, believe me we make good use of them. But triple bagging a glass bottle? Jeeze. The only thing I ever ask to be double bagged is soda bottles. Those big bottles tend to break and tear the bags.


I double bag everything, but I'm quick and do it myself. Not asking the cashier to double bag every item. I also don't rearange my groceries if the bagger is doing it. Just don't put the bread under the soda, and I'm good


You're probably one of the only places left that doesn't charge for plastic bags. They're stocking up for future trips, or perhaps they make those plastic bag crochet rugs, and need 50+ plastic bags....and instead of just saying "Can I have a stack of bags" they think the easiest way to get all the bags they need is to insist that you give them MORE MORE MORE....just my ideas....

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