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FREAKS 4From Melissa,

In high school, I worked at a tiny B&B in mid-coastal Maine. One morning a new guest announced that she was strictly kosher and could not eat anything that had ever had bacon on it.

I assured her that our bacon was baked in the oven, not fried, so she could have eggs or pancakes.

She didn’t believe me and was really angry that we did not have a separate set of kosher cooking equipment.

Why she would expect this in a little town in Maine was beyond me. She eventually settled on toast but complained loudly the whole time.

I was a good little worker, so that afternoon I went out and bought a new pan, implements, etc. to use to cook her breakfast the next day. That night, I went for dinner at a local restaurant and saw her happily devouring lobster.

I returned my new pans and served her toast for the rest of her stay.





Heh. So funny when a poser gets busted. :D


Reminds me of the gluten-free craze. She must have heard kosher and bacon in the same sentence and decided to give it a go.

Tech Support Survivor

*giggle* Am I the only one flashing to that episode of Seinfeld?


Not an expert on Kosher food, but doesn't it have to do with the way the animal is killed, as well as what Jewish people are allowed to eat? Like Hebrew National hotdogs are Kosher and contain no by products or pork. Also, they happen to be my favorite hot dogs, LOL

Kai Lowell

Aye, I believe it does, Tenebris. And they're good hot dogs, agreed.

Eddy Cator

Did someone mistake kosher for vegan/vegetarian? I'm confuddled.


Vegetarians don't eat meat, shellfish is still meat. It has a face. Pescitarians eat sea food but not vegetarians. Anyone saying they're vegetarian and tucking into a lobster is misguided at least and deluded at most.



"Of the things that are in the waters, you may eat anything that has fins and scales. Lev. 11:9; Deut. 14:9. Thus, shellfish such as lobsters, oysters, shrimp, clams and crabs are all forbidden. Fish like tuna, carp, salmon and herring are all permitted."


Looks like she was aiming at vegetarian and achieved flexitarian instead.


Sgtpsycho: Then bounced off and landed in 'dumbassitarian'. 'Vegan' wasn't edgy enough for her, and gluten free was passe...

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