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FREAKS 3From Faustus223, TalesFromRetail

I work at a music/DVD retailer (yes, they still exist). Last Sunday afternoon was a particularly busy day given that we tend to cater to a large after-church crowd. When it gets busy (over three people) I stop what I am doing at our checkout counter and make rounds around the shop to ask if anyone needs help finding anything, regularly passing by the counter just in case someone is ready to check out. This is never a problem, especially on Sunday as the church crowd tends to be pretty quiet and friendly.

As I was making one of these rounds, a lady wearing what I would assume was her "Sunday best" steps up to me to ask for assistance. We'll refer to her as SB from here:

SB: Excuse me, but can you please show me where the Christian music section is?

Me: Yes ma'am, right this way.

I walk her over to our Religious/Gospel section, which is a fairly small selection. I explain this to her when we get there.

Me: Here we are. This section is fairly small and most titles are available by special order. If the particular title that you're looking for is not here, let me know and I'll be happy to look it up.

SB (Cautiously eyeing the offensively small selection, but still polite): Thank you, I will.

At this point I go back to the register and ring a customer out. When I finish, the next lady in line happens to be SB.

Carolanne my dearSB: I couldn't find it. Could you look up and order [XYZ Christian Band] for me?

Me: Yes, ma'am.

I look up the band and, thankfully, their stuff is easy to get. I find the title she's looking for and tell her I can order it, the price, and that it takes about a week to get it... And that's where I went wrong.

SB: A week?!

Me: Yes, ma'am, however sometimes orders arrive early and we will call you the moment it arrives.

SB: I'm sorry, but I need it now. I don't understand why you told me you have a "Christian section" at all with how small it was. Any Christian sections should have [XYZ Christian Band] in it too.

Me: I am sorry, ma'am, but as I mentioned earlier, most titles are on a by-order-basis. (Here, I wrongly decide to speak too frankly) It is just not a section that is shopped too often.

SB: Not shopped too often? Who are you to say that people have no time for The Lord? I am not coming back in here again. You have lost my business.

(Yes because our store operates just for you)

As she turns on her heel, she says over her shoulder...

SB: I suppose I should not have expected any store that's open on a Sunday to help out a Christian.

Face palm...




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