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FREAKS 1From Dana,

I worked at a small independently owned pizza restaurant in a suburb of Kansas City, MO during college about 25 years ago. One bad incident does stand out, even after all of these years.

It was a late weeknight and we rarely had eat-in customers. Most of our business was delivery or takeout. Due to this, and it being a quiet time, there were only two of us in the place this night. Me, working as kind of cook/wait staff/manager, and my coworker—a woman newly-hired who was learning from me in the kitchen and would make a delivery if we needed.

Our only eat-in at the moment was a group of four adults (middle aged men and women). I took their order and was working with the new hire in the kitchen to start the pizzas.

The kitchen was visible and easily accessible from the dining area. A fairly small galley type of kitchen, there was just enough room for the long conveyor belt pizza oven, and across from that, the long table where we would assemble the pizzas (the sinks, storage, dough mixer, etc were in the back room).

Suddenly, my co-worker drops to the floor in a violent seizure of some sort. In the small kitchen, she was dangerously close to the hot oven on one side, and the metal prep table on the other. The floor was hard brick-something-type-of-flooring. I had no medical training but my instinct was that I needed to #1 protect her head and #2 try and her flailing limbs away from sharp and hot things.

The phone was out of reach for me—remember, 25 years ago, no cell phones!—it was up on the wall at the height for someone standing up,and was kind of around the corner behind the cash register. I was on the floor placing my hand under her head, and I had positioned my body between her and the oven. I was trying to somewhat protect her flailing arms as well (again, a cramped, kitchen with lots of metal etc). I felt like I needed a couple more arms to get the job done.

Imagine how relieved I was when the four customers, who had been able to see what was going on, immediately came over to us.

“Call 911!” I said, pointing up at the phone. “And can someone help me hold the back of her head?”

Jason prayMy knuckles were taking a beating from coming between her head and the floor, and I thought that another person on the other side of her would help ensure she didn’t hit her limbs on the hard prep table legs.

“No” the lead man of the group said “We will pray.” Then the four of them stood there, NOT CALLING 911 and NOT HELPING IN ANY WAY other than to pray. ALL FOUR OF THEM.

I could not believe it and I kept pleading and yelling, “Please, someone call 911, there’s the phone!” and “Someone put your hand here behind her head so I can call for help!”

I kid you not, they stood there praying and doing nothing else.

Although this was only a few minutes, it felt like an eternity and I didn’t know anything about seizures and didn’t know how long this would last or how fast she needed help. I made what felt like an agonizing decision to leave her for a second so that I could stand up and dial 911 (I was able to dial and then stretch the cord to the floor and hold it in my shoulder so I could talk to 911 while trying to cushion her head.)

The group of four customers stood over us doing nothing but praying. I don’t remember everything they prayed about, but I do remember that there was a very judgmental attitude in their prayers, and something was mentioned about the woman having the seizure as a sinner of some sort (“forgive her” and that kind of thing).

To my relief, she came out of her seizure within a few minutes, about when the ambulance arrived. Obviously she was unable to finish her shift and so I apologized to the group of four customers that without kitchen staff I would have to close early. There was no way in HELL (Editor’s Note: HAR! I don’t even think this was intentional!) I was going to make a delicious pizza for them after that. I didn’t actually close early, I got someone who lived nearby to come in and finish the night shift with me.

Epilogue: The woman was OK. Turns out she was epileptic and prone to seizures (though this was unknown to any of us) and recovered from that seizure with no major physical damage to her head or limbs.





I hope your coworker starts taking anti-seizure medicine and this helps her out! Flo-Jo died of a seizure and so did this woman named Virginia Ridley. In Virginia's case, husband Alvin was accused of killing her but Virginia stopped taking her meds and thought God would heal her. As for these praying jerks, I know God put us on Earth to help out others in the form of action and not stand there and pray! I am glad you didn't make them the pizza because they don't deserve it! She could have died!

Misty Meanor

I still can't believe those people tried praying instead of trying to save her! I would've told them, "Either help us out or get out!"


"Ma'am, she's having a seizure. This is a medical emergency. Jesus wants you to call 911"
Gods, but I hate religious freaks. Religious people are fine, no issue even though we have very different beliefs, but the religious freaks need to all go to heaven, so they can be with their God and leave the rest of us alone.

On an unrelated note: Heard a story of a woman with a gangrenous foot who needed an amputation. She refused saying Jesus would heal her. The Dr replied with, "Ma'am, Maggots are eating your foot. Jesus wants you to amputate"

Kai Lowell

BH, antiepileptics do not always help and can even make the situation worse sometimes, depending on if there's any other health problems. I myself am epileptic (though I haven't seized in years; they still consider me at risk though) and CANNOT take antiepileptics.





... yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahh, after the coworker stabilized there would be the need to call for a few more ambulances...

Tech Support Survivor

Yea, no way I'd have served these callous nuts. Mind boggling. How does anything but calling for help make sense in that situation?

And I don't know if this relates to humans- but we had a cat who had seizures. She was on a pretty powerful medication, but eventually even that stopped working.

Kai Lowell

That can also happen, yeah. I used to know someone who had pretty terrible seizures and all meds eventually quit working on her.


Kai, I didn't know anti-epilepsy drugs could make seizures worse. The lawyer defending Alvin Ridley brought up Flo-Jo in order to make them see how dangerous seizures can be! I watched a show about Alvin and Virginia Ridley on A & E and Virginia really suffered. She was diagnosed epileptic at age 9 and her seizures were a source of shame for her. She met and married Alvin who was considered unusual but not dangerous. She isolated herself from her judgemental family and Alvin isolated himself too. She suffered from agoraphobia and developed hyper graphia (intense desire to write) and wrote notes on the walls about daily activities, meals, and the cast of "The Waltons.". She suffered a bad seizure and died of it. Have you heard of Alvin and Virginia Ridley? I think those religious fools who think this poor lady is a sinner due to epilepsy are stupid!

Kai Lowell

It's rare BH, but it can happen. Thankfully mine seemed to be mostly hormonal as I've not had one since I managed to get my health a bit more settled and actually finished growing/maturing (I was in such terrible health I didn't actually finish going through that process till about age 25.) So that's one thing I don't have to deal with anymore.


Kai, I found the show on YouTube about the Ridleys and it was quite fascinating! Hormones can be hell on a person. I sometimes get menstrual migraines but those are rare. I am glad your hormones have settled down a bit! My niece and nephew are entering puberty and I read about the changes boys and girls have at that time so I understand what is happening to them.

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