Religious Freak Pervert Update: Triumph!
Cashier Hell: World's Most Patient Thief



I wouldn't mind something similar (but oerhaps less violent) when I eat by myself. I used to to be able to just leave my book at tbe table I was at as a sybtle clue that I was just in the bathroom and coming back to my meal. Now, I am usually readung on my phone. Obviously I can't justbleave tbat there,so now , as often as not, I get outvof the bathroom and my half eaten meal has been cleared away. It is SO annoying!


I had one from a local radio station once that said something on the lines of: I'm not done with this beer, just going to the bathroom. It was a little 3" tall by 1" wide piece of card stock with a V cut into the middle of it so it could sit on a glass. I only used it once or twice, but I didn't get my drink or seat taken away.

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