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Retail Hell Memories: Druggies don't like Windex



From MrCar1os, Tales From Retail:

So about 3 years ago I had just started working at a butcher shop in my local mall. As the newbie I was sent out front to clean our glass display and deal with all the customers who couldn't tell we were obviously closing (we closed at 6, other shops at 7). Only equiped with a piece of cloth and a bottle of windex I began my duties.

About half way through the job I hear someone screaming:


Taken back by surprise I look up to see the local mall druggie approaching full speed with the mall security tailing behind. As he gets closer he takes a swing at me which I dodge, thus throwing him off balance and sending him flying into a trashcan. As he gets up he turns to look at me and give his last final words of wisdom:

"Stay in school."

Before finally being tackled by security.

And that's how I got the nickname Windex Kid.





Misty Meanor

Local mall druggie? Howcome he wasn't banned already?


Seeing as how he was already being tailed by Security he probably was.


ROFLMAO! Windex Kid. I'm sorry, but that was funny. Also, good advice from a Druggie, lolololol

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