Old People Hell: Two Old Ladies Decide They Want To Triple Bag All Of Their Groceries and Madness Ensues
When Rite Aid Advertises Chocolate Easter Bunnies in their store front window


Misty Meanor

To which most hellspawn creators would say, "How dare you accuse my little angel of this!"


How is this even a thing? If I knock something over and wreck it at a friend's house they have a reasonable expectation I will replace it or reimburse their loss, if I decide to squirt around fuel at the servo 'for funsies' I will be paying for it, and I bet if I boarded over some crotchpuppets spawnwagon they would demand I pay damages.

Yet apparently it's okay to walk into a business and use them as a free child minding service, let their hellspawn destroy merchandise then just walk away scott free?

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