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From Blearky, Tales From Retail:

So this just happened a few hours ago during my shift supervising a set of cash registers. For context, I work for one of the largest clothing retailers in the country, its a big shop with roughly 60 registers and multiple floors. This is important, because it should be pretty clear that bartering or verbal agreements over payment aren't going to work.

My cashiers have an alarm that they can signal they need me with, which is usually used for pretty routine things like an item not scanning or a customer wanting money knocked off for a defect. I didn't expect anything weird when I heard it go off, so this caught me pretty off guard:

Me: Hey, whats the problem?

The customer is holding a pair of £1.50 sunglasses and gesturing his ID documents towards the desk.

Cashier: He wants to exchange his passport and license for the sunglasses.

Me: Oh, what, okay. To Customer Sorry, we don't have any policy of holding possessions for payment.

Customer: No, no, no policy. Take, I pay tomorrow.

Me: Sorry, no, we can't do that. If you want, we can hold the sunglasses until tomorrow for you and you can pay then.

Customer: No, no tomorrow, I need today, please I die.

Me: Sorry, I can't let you leave with unpaid for merchandise.

Customer: No, I die, please.

Me: I can't let you leave with the sunglasses, and we aren't able to take responsibility for your documents being left here, no.

Customer: No, no, look, expired

He's now gesturing to the dates on the passport, which I hadn't originally looked that closely at. I also notice that the license is provisional. Both expired in 2013. I suppose he was trying to make a point that it didn't matter if his documents got lost with us, though this hardly mattered because I had no intention of taking them anyway.

Me: No, sorry, it doesn't work that way, we can't.

Customer: Nooo, nooo, please I die, please I die, I need today.

Repeat the same two lines roughly 5 times more, that's when he finally gave up and left, without the sunglasses. The weird part is that it isn't even sunny today, in fact its been cloudy with rain the whole time.

-- Blearky




Maybe he wasn't looking for sunglasses so much as for a disguise.

But hey, if it's a life threatening emergency, call for emergency services.

"Do you need the police, sir, or an ambulance?"

Misty Meanor


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