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So I Was Given A Job To Do. Here Is My Daily Progress



When I first got to the box I hardly knew where to start.



All of the strands of fiber were coming from splitters of 32 strands. There were 27 of them so I started doing one by one.



Every time I removed a jumper a customer goes out of service. Up to 32 people were out of service at a time.



Progress seemed so slow because it took hours to untangle each splitter.



I used what seemed to be thousands of zip ties to hold everything in place while I untangled the rest. Behind the center group of strands there was a splitter hanging out.



The last day of untangling before I put everything where it goes still looks like a horrible mess.



I spent the day finishing up the last splitter and putting the left side away and I was amazed how well everything fit so far.



Final product. I wasn't 100% satisfied with everything but boss said it was good enough so this is it. 9 days of nothing but untangling fiber.





WOW. That is amazing! A job like this would have driven me batty, as I would have had to constantly fight off the urge to just unplug a whole side at once.

It looks so tidy and organized now <3


*shudders at cabling hell*
Beautiful job, OP. Can't even recognize it as the same box


I work in the electrical trade area now, and I've been to plants where our machinery has been running for 10+ years. When the electrical control panels were installed, they looked like the bottom photo or better. After 10 years of adding this, replacing that, moving or removing items by plant personnel who have to get the line up and running asap (because managers won't give them the time to do it right because TIME IS MONEY), they often look like the top photos. Then of course I have to go in and troubleshoot why things aren't working and end up untangling a spaghetti mess of wires before I can even start.


With the first picture, I thought it was an entire case of easter grass that exploded in someone's backroom, or that packaging material you see used by museums on television (which is probably just hay)

Shay Simmons

You are the person I'm going to call the next time the kittens get in my knitting basket and make spaghetti out of my yarn.



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