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Manager from hellFrom kennie_leigh

My boss is an absolute HR nightmare. First of all, he's the CEO of the company and thinks he can get away with anything because his brother is the company lawyer and his other brother is the HR manager.

He is SUPER inappropriate. Like makes awful sexual comments to me all the time. In the beginning he used to hug me ALL THE TIME.

When I told him that I wasn't much of a hugger, he said "Well, we will have to change that."


He also told me all about his first sexual experience (with a co-worker!), and said that women should be more sexually aggressive in the workplace.

Urm, whert? Needless to say, I'm nope-ing the fuck out of here real soon. Putting in my two weeks on Monday.





That's highly illegal, and regardless of who he is related to, the labor board would be very interested in hearing about this, as well as a lawyer of your own. File a police report for harassment, email HR, and print out copies of the email, even though you know they won't act on it etc, that way there is a paper trail for your complaints, then talk to a lawyer about taking this company to court. All the higher ups in the company seem to be in on it.

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